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 Home » Photos » Business » Compensation for Victims of the DePuy Hip Recall
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Compensation for Victims of the DePuy Hip Recall
DePuy Orthopaedics, for many years, was able to manufacture two leading brands of metal hip implants, namely the ASR Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System. Ideally, these implants should last for at least 15 years, but those that DePuy manufactured were too defective to even reach five years to function well. Naturally, the recipients were taken aback by this alarming threat to their health, especially when the news broke out that the ASR devices never really underwent routine clinical testing procedures supposedly required by the Food and Drug Administration. When a product recall was issued by DePuy last August, they also promised to provide a reimbursement process for all those affected by the faulty implants.

Even then, some victims will still not settle for mere reimbursement, for they are more concerned with achieving justice. Despite the intricacy of legal processes--hearings, multi-district litigation, class-action lawsuits, court trials, settlements and many more, some will still be moved to press charges against the company giant. They will gather all important proofs and pertinent documents to claim what is rightfully theirs. In the end, they will always wonder how much they can get from the DePuy hip recall.

The stage when DePuy starts the settlement process can affect the compensation that the victims will get. Simply put, there is no accurate prediction of the outcome of a class action lawsuit. In fact, some recipients of the faulty prostheses might even receive fewer damages than what is expected.

Nevertheless, you can always choose your own lawyer, which is the one factor that you can control. The kind of lawyer you will consult will truly matter, especially when claiming your damages, which were brought about by the DePuy hip recall. If you choose a good hip recall lawyer, one who is experienced and skilled in handling cases pertaining to personal injury and medical malpractice, then you are on the right track.

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: 26.12.2010